Let Jazzgrass introduce you to an unusual blend of jazz and bluegrass instruments in surprising yet delightful combinations. A cello plays duet with the mandolin, a trumpet and trombone horn section backs up a banjo. The saxophone and guitar rip out smooth and engaging solos. The tempo ranges from upbeat stomping to mellow swing. The improvisations in these tunes catch the expression of free spirit.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Uncle Walter, jazz trumpeter, bluegrass guitarist and Harvard anthropologist. We recorded his trumpet tracks in late 2002 and early 2003 at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts for Lakestorm, Scatwalker, Vent de Mer, Last Night, and the Alpine Gypsy Rag. Uncle Walter was one of my earliest musical influences and he continued to inspire me throughout the years to appreciate improvisation and soloing over diverse musical structures and genres. He was enthralled by technology, though had not caught up entirely with digital audio editing. Walter was delighted to find that we could locate a "brown note" in his solo, and pitch shift it to it's intended tone. Being most accustomed to recording "live" New Orleans style jazz, he was also thrilled to work on a project with sax and trombone players from Switzerland, and a cellist from CT, each recording in their own location! Although he would have loved to have heard the final mixes, he took great joy in adding his trumpet and hearing some of the early versions of these tunes. Eric Miller


Eric Miller: Mandolin, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bamboo Sax, Bass (Stomp, Last Night)

Christoph Wiesmann: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Oboe

David Darling: Cello

Alexander Merz: Trombone

Ed Nardi: Drums

Cheikh Ndoye: Bass

Dr. Walter Miller (aka Uncle Walter): Trumpet

Lynn Miller: Vocals, also Guitar on cold Front


Guest Artists:

Kevin Cosgrove: Guitar on Lakestorm & Expo Breeze

Pat Whitehead: Trumpet on Fast Tango, Cold Front, Expo Breeze, Wander

Zak Miller: Harmnony Trumpet on Scatwalker

Clint Goss: Native Flute on Lakestorm

Juan Miguel: Vocal on Last Night

Recorded by Eric Miller on location in Bern, Switzerland; Cambridge, MA; Goshen, Ct.; and Phoenixville, PA.
Mixed by John Chebon Littlefield and Eric Miller at Moonfire Studios, Phoenixville, PA
Mastered by John Chebon Littlefield






© 2008